Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lizard Captured in Latest Mars Photo

Lizard Found in Mars Curiosity Photo SOL 597

Mars Lizard

I was looking at the most recent Mars Curiosity Photos and came across this interesting find.  Here is what appears to be a lizard on Mars.  This lizard clearly has one leg up.  Whether this lizard is a fossil or an actual living creature remains to be seen.  You can find the original photo here

UFO Recorded by NBC News Camera - October 23, 2011

Breaking News UFO Sighting Las Vegas 4-15-2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Giant Ufo over Russia February 2014 - Russian UFO over Jet Fighters 2014...

Published on Feb 28, 2014
Russian UFO Fighter Jet Aircraft, Ufos + Voodoo planes, At a recent airshow in Paris, Russia showed off the maneuverability of their latest jet fighters.. pl.

Top 10 Fighter Jets in the World 2014 For more info and gallery please visit: 1) F/A-22 Raptor (U.

UFO SHOT DOWN by Russian Air Force, 2 MIG's Kazan - Another unbelievable UFO video has started it's journey around the internet. We see a hovering craft, whi.

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UFO caught on tape over Vancouver, Canada - February 16, 2014. This one is interesting because of the Turrialba Volcano UFO from April 2013. In that image, a.

Watch the UFO Transnissions! : and the UFOs in Art History: UFO at Airsho.

The six-day Singapore Airshow kicked off at Singapore's Changi Exhibition Centre on Tuesday. This year's show recorded the largest number of exhibitors in it.

UFO Russia February 05, 2014.

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Russian 'SUKHOI T-50' 5G Multirole STEALTH FIGHTER JET Сухой ПАК ФА ☆ The Russian Air Force will take delivery of its first fifth-generation T-50 fighter j.

Hiker Videos UFO Escorted by Two Jets. A video on YouTube appears to capture two jet fighters chasing a UFO zooming past a hiker. real or fake? An israelic J.

New UFO 2014 Disclosure! NASA Leaked Moon Truth, UFO Disclosure! BREAKING!!! UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE ----------------------------------------­-------------- ufo.

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1/12/2014 - A new video has come to us capturing an obvious alien UFO shining it's lights over the shore's of the Gold Coast in Australia. Subscribe and stay.

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Filmed this activity on Feb 2, 2014 in Newport Beach CA at 11:30 am. The day started with a smooth orb flying across the skyline westward towards the ocean. .

My other videos on RuTube (мои остальные видео): htt.

January-14-2014 an Orange glowing U.F.O was caught on videotape hovering over San Antonio,Texas. As i was taking out the laundry.I notice this red/orange glo.

The US navy for the first time Tuesday launched an unmanned aircraft the size of a fighter jet from a warship in the Atlantic Ocean, as it wades deeper into .

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Cigar-Shaped UFO Over Korosten, Ukraine On March 6, 2014